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C-Temp International is a manufacturer of surface mount thermocouples and SMT thermocouple assemblies. We specialize in the design and development of customized temperature sensing devices for applications requiring flush or surface mounting.

We have in-house engineering to support special requirements and can assist in developing a specification or SCD.

Let us earn your business by proving our quality products, superior customer service, our exceptional design, and our world-class manufacturing capabilities.

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Surface mount thermocouples are temperature sensing devices designed to be flush mounted to the subject requiring temperature measuring. Since all thermocouples are contact type measuring devices, that is, the item or liquid being measured must come into contact with the temperature sensing element via directly or through a protective sheath. One of our most popular surface mount thermocouple is the flange mount style. This style incorporates a thermocouple attached to a flange and is very popular with heavy duty industrial applications. Flange styles are typically attached as a bolt down or weld-down and are more common with large equipment OEMs. Another popular surface mount thermocouple is the bolt-down, lug style. These use a standard ring lug where the thermocouple is connected to the chamfered barrel portion of the lug.

Gaining popularity with flush mounted temperature sensing applications are surface mount RTDs. The thin film, “chip” style RTD is well suited for surface mounting because of its small size and razor thin profile. The thickness of the chip style RTD is, less than 1 mm and easily adheres to any surface with the proper bonding adhesive. There are other mounting options that include bolt-on, snap-on and press fit. Surface mounted RTDs offer a wide temperature range and three different tolerance classes for more accurate readings. Surface mounted RTDs provide excellent measurement stability and maintain over a longer period of time.


There are several variations of SMT thermocouple assemblies. They vary based on the method of contact to the surface being measured. One of the most popular of the SMT thermocouple assemblies is the welded pad construction. This method is fabricated from a metal plate (the “pad”) where pad sizes and shapes vary. Typically, a 1” by 1” square is the most widely used. The pad material is made from a metal alloy. The most common is stainless steel. The pad is attached to the sensor tube via welding. Depending on the surface area and the angle, it is not uncommon to have the pad mounted in varying positions to the tube allowing mounting at 45°, 60°, 90° angles. Additionally, forming the pad by bending it in a curved shape provides optimum attachment to pipes or corners. Most of our SMT thermocouple assemblies are custom made either as a build to print or build to spec. We tailor make all types and variations of the SMT thermocouple assembly. We even integrate RTDs into a SMT assembly. At C-Temp, we can design and build using any type of material, to any shape, to make fit your unique application. Call us for additional information.