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C-Temp International is a manufacturer of mineral insulated thermocouples and MgO thermocouple assemblies. We specialize in the design and development of temperature sensing products utilizing mineral insulated (Mgo) sheaths.

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Mineral Insulated thermocouples consist of a thermocouple element inserted into a Magnesium Oxide (MgO) insulator enclosed in a metal sheath/tub probe. A magnesium oxide composition is used as the primary insulator because of its superb insulation quality for protecting against high temperature exposure. MgO has several additional attractive characteristics making it very suitable for thermocouple applications. It is fire resistant, durable, mold and mildew resistant. Any base metal thermocouple element type (J, K, T, E, and N including R, B and S types) can be used with a mineral insulated tube. The junction of the mineral insulated thermocouple can be structured as grounded, ungrounded or exposed junction type. Additionally, the MgO tube can be used with a single or multiple element construction and the insulator is available in a standard or high purity magnesium oxide insulation composition. The housing (sheath) material for the MgO is typically stainless steel and is offered in industry standard steel classes as 304, 310, 316, & 446. The sheath is also available in industry standard OD sizes: 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, & 5/16s. Other fractional sizes are obtainable as is metric sizes. One of the major benefits of mineral insulated thermocouples is that they are physically flexible. They can be bent, twisted or curved without damaging their construction or operational integrity.  Their metal sheath gives them great durability to corrosive environments and high pressure conditions. I some cases, they can be very resistant to radiation with the right construction and component selection.


MgO thermocouple assembles are comprised of the thermocouple element, a sheath/tube (probe), an extension cable, and a connector or termination of some style which results in a complete assembly. The complete assembly makes it easy for installation. This is the preferred choice for most mineral insulated thermocouple applications and which is most suitable for just about any industry using thermocouples. The majority of applications for MgO thermocouple assemblies are for custom designed units, application specific, and only used for that particular requirement. At C-Temp International, we will build most of our custom MgO thermocouple assembles to a spec.  In many instances, customers provide us with a Source Control Drawing (SCD) which we can easily build to the print. The mineral insulated thermocouple assembly is very adaptable to differing industries because it can use a wide range of base metal thermocouple elements for the sensor, offering a wide assortment of temperature calibration ranges. Combine that with a stainless steel probe that is resistant to hostile environments, including corrosive conditions, the user can be confident that they can handle just about any temperature measuring activity. There are several industry standard accessories that are used with MgO thermocouples, primarily, cover heads, extension wire, mini and standard plugs. In addition, MgO thermocouple assemblies use differing types of terminations, flying leads, spade lugs, jacks, stripped and tinned wires. The variety of extension wire available is extensive and can be constructed with fiberglass, PVC, Kapton, or Teflon insulation jackets. The conductors of the extension wire are offered in braided or solid, even flexible armor is a jacket option. C-Temp International can help with any of your mineral insulated thermocouple assembly needs.