Temperature Sensor Manufacturer

C-Temp International is manufacturer of thermocouples, RTDs and temperature sensor assemblies serving the HVAC industry.

Our product niche is providing custom tailored, industrial temperature sensing solutions to meet the specialized needs of the industrial market; rapidly, and on budget.

We are continuously working with and supplying industrial OEMs with thermocouples, thermocouple assembles, RTD assemblies, and thermistor assembles used for measuring temperatures in manufacturing devices, molding machines, plastics systems, and industrial equipment.

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Industrial thermocouples are used in a variety of industries and applications. The majority of applications we see for industrial thermocouples come from heavy equipment manufacturers serving the mining, screen printing, material handling, and transportation industries. Of those, a large portion of our requests come from industrial engine manufacturers who build locomotives, tractors, trucks, generators, and aircraft. Most of the temperatures sensing requirements are for the engines, drivetrains and braking systems. For engines, cooling systems, smog controls, exhaust systems, and lubricating systems are the primary engine components requiring temperature monitoring. The drivetrain primarily requires monitoring of the temperature of the oil inside the gear box and transmission. The obvious benefit for monitoring temperature for these key engine components is to identify potential overheating conditions that would jeopardize the operational integrity and reliability of the system.

C-Temp International manufactures industrial thermocouples which are used in the processing of refining crude oil. The process begins within the boiler where the crude is heated to a certain temperature (industrial thermocouple sensor monitors temperature) where it is transported to the distillation column for specific separation classes. The different types of hydrocarbons in the crude are separated which produce the different grades of refined oil. Thermocouples are used in the distillation column and the transportation pipes to maintain proper temperature allocations. We provide industrial thermocouple assemblies to Chevron, British Petroleum and Exxon/Mobil.


Industrial RTDs have a broad usage to OEMs serving heavy industries, production control, thermal cooling, and robotics. The term industrial is a very generic term and many applications/products that we provide could fall under this category. One of the most recent examples of an industrial RTD application was for a large generator stator motor that required several RTD sensors mounted on a long, narrow board to measure temperature of the motor. The board material was a special composition that provided its high heat resistance required for its continuous operation. The difficulty was the bonding the RTD sensor to the composite board with a high temperature adhesive which would meet the extreme thermal conditions. Out of several options, we selected an epoxy based adhesive with high thermal tolerance which the customer was extremely pleased with the performance of the unit; in addition, this project was an expedited request.

Most recently, we received an industrial RTD request for a wireless application which requires the temperature sensor to operate as a remote, standalone, wire-free sensor. This OEM customer offers a system that provides their customers with continuous temperature monitoring of rooms, storage lockers, containers, or any enclosed areas including data storage. We supply an enclosed, IP-67 rated box that houses a battery pack, wireless transmitter and RTD assembly meeting our customer’s wireless requirements.


We supply industrial temperature sensors to small, medium and large industrial OEM equipment manufacturers. Our OEM customers range in size from companies as big as General Electric, Fluor Corp and Honeywell to small business OEMs. At C-Temp International, we provide the same level of response and support for all of our industrial temperature sensor customers. Our staff is dedicated, responsive and knowledgeable on the subject of industrial temperature sensors and their applications. We pride ourselves on customer service and the delivery of quality industrial temperature sensors worldwide.

Our company provides engineering support to help design for any industrial application, no matter how simple or complex. One recent example for a custom industrial temp sensor requirement came from a food manufacturing company. They were looking to replace an existing temp sensor with a more robust design and add a couple of enhancements to make it easier to install. The temp sensor was located in the cooking head of the machine which was constantly moving up and down, causing stress to the cable and connection portion of the temperature sensor. We devised a variation that allowed the cable more flexibility and beefed up the connection point to strengthen the bonding. This was achieved at no additional per unit cost. The customer is now working with us on all of their industrial sensor requirements.