Temperature Sensor Manufacturer

C-Temp International is manufacturer of thermocouples, RTDs and temperature sensor assemblies serving the HVAC industry.

Our goal is to provide custom tailored temperature sensing solutions to meet the HVAC industry specialized needs; promptly, and inexpensively.

We work with HVAC OEMs supplying thermocouples, RTDs, RTD and thermocouple assembles used for measuring temperatures in HVAC systems.

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We provide HVAC thermocouples to various OEMS serving the heating and cooling industry.  One of the key HVAC industries we supply thermocouple and thermowell products to is the furnace manufacturing industry. Our desire is to build products for any of the major furnace OEMs who supply to the residential marketplace. Another type of furnace manufacturer that is more specialized is the crematoria and incinerator providers which have fewer production quantities of thermocouples, but have very high temperature needs. Even some of the more specialized furnace types like blast, batch anneal, molten metal, heat treatment, closed and open well are customers because of the custom nature of their furnaces. Another large market we serve through our distributors are single piece units to provide replacement temperature elements for MROs and field repair/service call technicians.

One of our good customers is an application engineering company specializing in design and construction of industrial melting and holding equipment. We build them custom HVAC thermocouples from their mechanical drawing they supply us. Each of their HVAC thermocouples are mechanically unique and all are required to meet extreme temperature ranges. We also supply their replacement parts which have a limited life under their intensive temp conditions. This same company also reconditions/refurbishes used equipment which we are their primary HVAC thermocouple provider on all their re-work and replacement parts.  It is quite common for us to receive requests for replacement parts for original equipment manufacturers’ temperature sensor that burn up or fails due to “wear and tear.”


Our HVAC RTDs and RTD assemblies are very suitable for laboratories, freezers, refrigeration rooms, and cold storage chambers.  The majority of our HVAC RTD interest comes from OEMs making environmental control systems that monitor temperature inside or around their system. RTD assemblies make an excellent temperature sensor for such uses because they are small, inexpensive and accurate. Additional advantages are that they are simple to use and offer versatility in that they are easily adapted, both mechanically and electrically, to most applications.  One example of an HVAC RTD application is to monitor temperature of a room or chamber where pharmaceuticals are stored. Many drugs cannot exceed specific temperature ranges because they will spoil. We have a customer that we provide a sensor in a wall mount enclosure used to monitor temperature 24/7  in their cold storage unit.

Since we predominantly supply OEMS, a share of our business for HVAC RTDs come from refrigeration equipment manufacturers. Within this industry, we have supplied to companies building beverage and liquid chillers. Their equipment requires tight temperature monitoring of the liquid for the pre-chilling process which is required before blending procedures can be started. Additionally, the carbonation blending process also requires pre-chilling.  The temperature element of choice is the resistance temperature detector. Another marketplace for our HVAC are refrigeration service providers. These are the companies repairing and servicing chillers, plasma freezers, freeze dyers, and environmental chambers which often require the replacement RTD temperature sensor. Although these companies typically buy one unit, we provide them the quick design engineering and support to fabricate replacement units promptly. Our ability to delivery quickly and accurately keep us as the “go to” provider for HVA RTD temperature sensors. Nothing is better than helping our customers with their customers, especially, when they need their system up and running quickly to maintain the integrity of their product.


HVAC temperature sensors are used in a variety of Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) applications. We primarily supply temperature sensor assemblies for a host of different companies furnishing the HVAC marketplace. As one can imagine, most of the residential HVAC temperature sensing requirements are of large volumes and require optimum pricing. At C-Temp International, we are competitive in medium and high volume applications because of our china factories. One our strengths and area of expertise is providing HVAC temperature sensors for industrial applications and specialized equipment manufacturers who require specific electrical or mechanical specifications.

Our HVAC temperature sensor forte is building to spec/print or designing from application criteria. We have a variety of sensor element types, wire, sheath, and connection materials that we can recommend to meet the most stringent temperature sensing demands. In most cases, we can develop prototypes or samples very quickly because we stock most materials and have manufacturing equipment to fabricate unique shapes and customs mechanicals. We were introduced to a computer room application through a HAVC installer that required temperature monitoring to prevent overheating of their computer room, particularly, if the environmental controls were to stop working. In addition, they requested an alarm signal to be provided to a remote terminal should the power go off. This was provided through a custom analog temperature sensor and wireless transmitter assembly.