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C-Temp International is manufacturer of thermocouples, RTDs, thermowells, and temperature sensor assemblies proudly serving the food service industry.

Food Service

We provide custom tailored temperature sensing solutions to meet the unique requirements of the food service equipment OEM.  It is our goal to supply our sensor assemblies promptly and cost effectively.

Our company provides various types of temperature sensors to several food service equipment manufacturers that include restaurant equipment and food inspection systems.

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Food industry thermocouples are primarily used in various commercial restaurant applications. Most common uses of thermocouples in the food industry are cooking equipment. Thermocouples can be found in large food cooking systems used for mass production to small scale, low volume, restaurant grade appliances. Typical cooking type equipment to use our temperature sensing probes include; ovens, warmers, fryers, toasters, and grills.  Traditionally, temp sensors for the food industry thermocouple need to provide consistent temperature readings to insure precise cooking, frying or heating to protect food from being overcooked as well as undercooked. In addition to cooking equipment, it is not uncommon to find our thermocouples in dishwashers and outside of the restaurant environment, at food inspection systems.

C-Temp International specializes in the design and manufacture of customized thermocouples, RTDs, thermowells, and other temperature sensing device assemblies used in the food industry. We can supply accurately calibrated thermocouple sensors, cable and instrumentation which will meet the food industry’s demanding requirements for clean and safe processes. We are an internationally recognized company and our parent company is ISO9001:2000 certified.  We have many years of experience working within the stringent quality requirements of the food service industry and would be eager to support your requirements.


Food industry RTDs are gaining popularity because they offer accurate readings for narrow temperature ranges and provide stability for longer periods of time. RTDs are ideal for fryer basket applications and are very suitable for grill and griddle cooking units. In fact, RTDs are often enclosed to protect them for submersible usages, such as, deep fryers, and water-tight bulkheads for specialty commercial ovens. It is common to seal food industry RTDs using compression fittings and thread transitions to offer connection flexibility. Much like a thermowell, enclosing the RTD can offer accurate temperature readings in environments where preventing liquid and oil from coming into contact with the sensor is essential.

Other applications for food industry RTDs are brewing, bottling, canning, pasteurization, and refrigeration. RTDs are very suitable for measuring “cold” temperatures. Commonly uses for the lower temperature spectrum RTDs would be refrigeration and freezing of foods, such as meat, fish, chicken, and other food products that spoil easily. RTDs are ideal for cold environments that require tight temperature controls, precision measurements and stable readings over extended times. Some specific applications for the food industry RTD is refrigerated transport, containers or trailers hauling perishables. Vending machines that refrigerate their products can use RTDs.


C-Temp International has been supplying food industry temperature sensors to the food processing OEM requiring engineering support, quick design and quality sensors or assemblies. We provide customized thermocouple assemblies, RTD assemblies, thermistor assembles, and thermowell assemblies to be integrated into any food industry platform. Our sensors are designed to provide key temperature information to insure the actual OEM cooking equipment meets the highest safety and food consistency possible. Secondarily, our food industry temperature sensors maximize efficiency to increase food yields, maintain food quality and improve energy usage.  C-Temp International is helping our customers to reduce their carbon footprint and is supporting energy conservation wherever our temperature sensors are used.